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All-in-1 Multi-purpose Disinfectant Skin & Surface Foamy Spray 750ml

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MedibLU UDF (Unique Disinfection Formula) is a revolutionary organic and highly effective all-in-one biocide for multi-surfaces, air, skin, and instruments disinfection for all environments.

Multi-purpose application for

Pets, hands, children's toys, kitchen, bathroom, travelling etc.

Why you'll love MedibLU UDF

  • All-in-1 antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal sanitiser designed to disinfect healthcare environments but gentle enough to baby skin, pet hygiene and aquatic life
  • Made of food additives free from ammonia or other harmful chemicals with no hazard labeling
  • Prevents mutation and development of multi-resistant organisms
  • Leaves a clean and refreshing peppermint and lavender fragrance
  • No-rinse and non-corrosive
  • Vegan friendly and dermatologically tested as excellent with no need to wear PPE
  • Favourable to human, animal, and environmental health

Test standards

Simply effective biodegradable formula backed by science. Compliant with over 20 British standards and approved under Simplified Authorisation by GB HSE.

EN1500, EN1276, EN13697, EN13727, EN14561, EN14476, PAS2424, EN16777, EN1650, EN12624, EN14562, EN14348, EN14563, EN13704 and more. 

  • Kills 99.99% of all viruses including the nastiest within 2 minutes with up to 24-hour residual protection 
  • Kills 99.999% of all bacteria including clinically challenging multi-drug resistant ones within 1 minute with up to 24-hour residual protection 
  • Kills yeast (Candida Auris and Candida Albicans) within 5 minutes


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    Instructions for use

    Step 1 CLEAN – Use MedibLU UDF directly to remove any soiling.

    Step 2 DISINFECTION – Apply MedibLU UDF to disinfect which should remain wet according to the contact time. Reapply if necessary.


    Lactic Acid (CAS no. 50-21-5): 0.360% w/w.

    Tartaric Acid (CAS no. 87-69-4): 0.616% w/w.

    Peppermint Oil (CAS no. 8006-90-4): 0.099% w/w.

    Lavender Oil (CAS no. 8000-28-0): 0.099% w/w.


    Little environment risk as 256kg per day in the same place allowed directly in the sewer.

    Recyclable and refillable containers


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    What is MedibLU UDF

    MedibLU UDF (Unique Disinfection Formula) is a revolutionary organic all-in-1 biocide for surface, air, skin and instrument disinfection for all environments.


    MedibLU is plant based and made of four active substances:

    - Lactic Acid is anorganic acid deprived from glucose in industry has antiviral and anti bacteria properties.

    - Tartaric Acid is a white crystalline dicarboxylic acid found in many plant, particularly tamarinds and grapes.

    - Lavender Oil, deprived from Lavender plant, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.

    - Peppermint Oil, deprived from peppermint plant, exhibits antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activities.

    Why is MedibLU UDF unique?

    MedibLU UDF is medical-grade quality disinfectant and approved under Simplified Authorisation as it  has a favourable profile to environmental, human and animal health.

    It’s powerful with broad spectrum and prevents pathogen mutation. It is an all-in-1 biocide for high- and low-level disinfection that can replace approximately 93% conventional products with substances of concern.

    It kills 99.999% of all bacteria in 1 minute, and all viruses in 2 minutes with 24-hour residual protection, kills yeast in 5 minutes and mycobacteria in 10 minutes.

    It contains no substance of concern and has no hazard warnings. It’s skin, food and animal safe, does not require PPE and is not corrosive to surfaces.

    Take environmental risk assessment for example, 256kgs per day in the same place are allowed directly in sewer.

    How does MedibLU UDF work?

    MedibLU  UDF products has a patented combination of BPR Annex 1 biocides and co-formulants which simultaneously offers a two-pronged attack towards different pathogens.

    BIOCIDE ACIDS, Lactic and tartaric acids – all organic carboxylic acid which gives a different profile in the attack on many pathogens. Tartaric acid is especially suited for yeast and fungal kill. Acids also provide synergistic enhancement of performance which enable very low concentrations.

    BIOCIDE ESSENTIAL OILSpeppermint and lavender – reduce surface tension to
    penetrate cells walls and membranes (permeability). Once inside the cell the essential oils possess
    up to 60 antimicrobial compounds (terpenes, terpenoids, aldehydes, alcohols and other),
    which disrupt enzyme activity with the cell.

    Co-formulants – are necessary as they optimize the up-take and efficacy of the biocides while offer biocompatibility without reducing efficacy.

    Biocides attack. Co-formulant support

    The active substances of MedibLU permeate through the organisms’ cell wall. Once Inside the cell pH drops rapidly by acid dissociation, and acid hydrolysis kills everything by inactivating proteins, enzymes and cell structures – which does not allow development of resistance.